How can I use the Geon Network?

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How can I use the Geon Network?

So you already know what GEON Network is. But how you can use it in your life or business?
The beauty of this project lies in its versatility. GEON Network is a platform, which allows anyone to adjust it to their particular needs.

There is no single use scenario and even those mentioned below, are only examples of what is possible. There truly are as many use cases as there are users.
Let’s take a look at some examples:

The one use case, that immediately jumps to mind, is marketing and advertising. A business can create a Geon at a specific location to attract customers while building brand awareness.

The Geons can have an embedded brand or a product logo which will be visible via the AR application. Because of it – each Geon becomes a virtual banner loaded with Geon Coins.

The coins can be either convertible to other currencies or redeemable for products or specific rewards (just like the old-school loyalty points are used).
For example: a café may offer a discount to customers who redeem Geon Coins at the checkout.

Geons can also be placed in high traffic areas, such as shopping malls, music concerts, movie theatres etc. – to promote a brand or a product. And since it will be possible to customise the Geons (for example make it look like a cup of coffee or a can of drink) – this will create an amazing way to reach potential clients or keep in touch with the existing ones.

In case of a market research, data gathered from individuals across various locations is crucial. An agency can set up Geons in a location(s)-of-interest, load these Geons with funds that will serve as a reward for participation, and set a geomining policy, which requires the miner to complete a questionnaire. This allows for a quick research with relatively low cost.
Global Geons (Geons mineable from any place around the world, without the need for physical presence) – can make market research even easier.

Geon was always meant to be fun. Various games and competitions were planned to be possible from the very beginning – especially since the entire team behind Geon are gamers in one way or another.

One example is geocaching, an outdoor recreational activity, where the goal is to find items hidden in specific locations. Instead of using physical items, participants can use Geons, which eliminates the need for the geocacher to physically travel to each place – this allows a complexity that would be very difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

Mobile Geons can also be bound to a moving target to implement a “follow the leader” type of event. If you look at the Geon Network as a type of a modular game – there really is no limit as to what you can create.

Geons are social by nature. They can be used to increase participation in various social events, parades, festivals, flash-mobs, blood donations, and many more.
For example: the parade organisers can create mobile Geons tethered to smartphones carried by the parade leader and selected participants throughout the length of the parade.

You can set a geomining rule, which may allow anyone in certain range to mine Geon Coins at a continuous rate. Not only you encourage more people to join the event, but also ensure that they can easily find their way and then maybe redeem the coins for branded merchandise etc.

Charity was always on Geon Team’s mind. There are so many ways to improve it, make it better and more efficient in reaching those in need.
Anyone can set up a Geon at a location that has been hit by a natural disaster or became a war-zone. Geon can be loaded with Geon Coins and help quickly and easily distribute the funds among people in a given geography.
In case that a Geon Coin is not easily convertible to local currency, it may be used as a voucher that can be exchanged for goods and services.
A legal entity (a registered charity for example) could set up a Geon and use their own advertising channels to promote it, so that many people can each chip-in to help. This creates a fully transparent way for anyone to participate without having to wonder where their money actually went.

Crowdfunding is yet another example of where Geon Network can improve the way things are done today.
Verified non-profit organisations, public benefit institutions, or NGOs can raise funds using Geons. For example: a foundation can place a Geon at an event or outside their office building. Participants will be able to send Geon Coins to the Geon, which can only be withdrawn by the foundation or its beneficiary (as per the geomining policy set by the Geon owner).

Since Geon Network uses the state-of-the-art geolocation technology, it is automatically a perfect tool for attendance verification. Geon can be placed at any location where presence needs to be managed and confirmed.
For example: an employer or a school principal may create a geomining policy which allows for mining between 8:45 am and 9:00 am. Employees or students who come to work on time can geomine coins and record a proof of presence at a specific time. This opens many possibilities for fun reward systems and social events.

We can’t stress enough that all of the examples listed above are only that – examples. Those are starting points for all Geon community and we are seeing so many ideas appearing every day, that if we wanted to describe all of them – we wouldn’t have time for anything else.

And this is something we’re extremely happy about, as this is what Geon Network was always meant to be – a Global playground.

A tool to help everyone Expand their Reality!

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