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What is Geon


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What is Geon?

Geon Network is a service that allows you to create virtual objects (Geons) located anywhere in the world. You can deposit funds (Geon Coins) in Geons, which can be withdrawn by anyone nearby. In order to withdraw, users need to complete the tasks defined by the Geon creator.

What is Geon? What is Geon?

1Creating Geon

Matteo, a restaurant owner, uses the Geon App to create a Geon, deposits some Geon Coins in it and defines withdrawal criteria.

for Geon

John, a Geon App user, searches for a restaurant where he can grab a bite and collect some Geon Coins at the same time.


John arrives at the restaurant and orders a meal. He meets the criteria defined by Matteo and collects (geomines) the Geon Coins stored in Matteo’s Geon.

Matteo gains a new customer, while John gets to geomine some Geon Coins while having a yummy pizza. :D

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Use Cases

The only limit of Geon Network is the imagination of its users…


All the things that make Geon Network even more desirable and worth using.

  • In-app fund transfers

    Geon App user can create a new Geon and top it up, top up an existing one or simply transfer funds to another user directly.

  • Exchange

    Using the Geon App, you can transfer your Geon Coins to a supported cryptocurrency exchange or convert them directly to a fiat currency.

  • Augmented Reality

    Geon App uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology (merging live camera feed with computer-generated 3D objects) to make it easy for a user to locate a Geon in the real world with high precision.

  • Geomining

    You define the tasks that must be performed before funds can be withdrawn from your Geon. Does the user have to be present at a geolocation for a specific amount of time? Do they have to provide a password or scan a QR code? These and many more options are possible with Geon.

  • Personalization

    Personalization and Customization

    Businesses can build brand awareness by adding their logo to the Augmented Reality image of their Geon. If you’re an individual, why not add an avatar instead and share your Geon with friends? You can define many different tasks you want the geominers to complete before they can receive the Geon Coins stored in your Geon.

  • Security

    Geon Network’s use of smart contracts ensures that funds stored in Geons cannot be stolen or corrupted and that geomining is censorship-free (meaning no one can be prevented from geomining). Geon Network uses advanced geolocation verification methods to prevent dishonest geomining. Some of them include (not an exhaustive list): WiFi Positioning Systems for indoor localization, neighbor verification (see the Geon Yellowpaper), movement pattern recognition. To counter bot geomining, Geons can be protected with passwords, captcha puzzles, and more.


There are many ways to use the collected funds. Check out the possibilities offered by Geon Network.

  • Withdraw your funds to traditional currency

  • Top-up your wallet with many payment methods

Geon Funds Geon Funds arrows Geon Funds arrows
  • Transfer funds between the cryptocurrency exchange and your Geon Wallet

  • Send funds to other Geon Network users or fill Geons created by you or anyone else.

See how simple it is!

Geon app allows you to create Geons and Geomine them in few simple steps.

  • Creating Geons

    Simply choose the place on the world map, wherever you need your Geon to be.

  • Geomining

    All requirements are met? Feel free to retrieve funds from a Geon!

  • Filling Geon

    You can fill Geon with Geon Coins from anywhere you are. There are no boundaries!

How Geon Works?
How Geon Works?
How Geon Works?
Geon how it works bg


Get to know the people behind Geon Network project!

  • Team member mask Robert Radek

    Robert Radek

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Team member mask Maciej Rynarzewski

    Maciej Rynarzewski

    Chief Product Officer
  • Team member mask Aleksander Dębski

    Aleksander Debski

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Team member mask Peter Budkowski

    Peter Budkowski

    Blockchain Architect
  • Team member mask Paweł Śliwa

    Pawel Sliwa

    UX/UI Designer
  • Team member mask Konrad Faltyn

    Konrad Faltyn

    iOS Developer
  • Team member mask Tomasz Skret

    Tomasz Skret

    Back-end Developer
  • Team member mask Tomasz Skret

    Stephen Hart

    Head of Partnerships
  • Team member mask Michał Puchalak

    Michal Puchalak

    Content & Marketing Manager
  • Team member mask Joanna Rynarzewska

    Joanna Rynarzewska

    Investor Relations Associate
  • Team member mask Maciej Gąsowski

    Maciej Gasowski

    Business Researcher
  • Team member mask Hosam Mazawi

    Hosam Mazawi

    ICO Advisor
  • Team member mask Robert Ruszała

    Robert Ruszala

    Development Advisor
  • Team member mask Remigio Bongulielmi

    Remigio Bongulielmi

    Product Development Advisor
  • Team member mask Piotr Smoleń

    Piotr Smolen

    Business Advisor
  • Team member mask Wojciech Gużda

    Wojciech Guzda

    Marketing Advisor
  • Team member mask Guy Corem

    Guy Corem

    Blockchain Advisor
  • Team member mask Dalibor Jokic

    Dalibor Jokic

    Legal & Compliance Advisor


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